Lawn Mowing

We do a professional mow and edging every time, and also a general clean-up of your property as part of our lawn mowing service. We also have ride-on mowers available for the bigger yards and properties.

Hedge Trimming

We specialise in doing a fantastic job of hedge trimming, any shape you want. We remove all the clippings and leave you with beautifully shaped hedges.

Pruning, Topiary and Tree Lopping

Shrubs and bushes need to be pruned and kept in tip top shape in order to stimulate growth and development. We can give you expert advice on when and how often to prune.
Likewise your trees often need a few dead branches lopped in order to keep them tidy and safe for your family environment.

Weeding and Spraying

Whether you need hand weeding of garden beds, or spraying weeds to keep things tidy between pavers, we can do the job for you. You pay for the cost of the chemical, and we only invoice you for the labour to do the spraying.


Plants love to be bedded down in protective layer of mulch. It helps to keep the moisture in and prevent the growth of weeds. You pay for the cost of the mulch, and we only invoice you for the labour to lay into your garden beds.

Tree, Shrub & Rubbish Removal

We can take trailer loads of all your rubbish and green waste to the tip. Council Dumping fees are not included.

Handyman & Household Maintenance

There are often jobs around the house that need doing and for many reasons you are unable to do them yourself.
If you need a Handy Person to help out, let us know………and we can give you a Quote.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

Such as Gutter Cleaning and Firewood Chopping and Delivery


Exterior and interior.